Frequently Asked Questions

ADP System

What is ADP?

ADP is the company contracted by the University System of to provide the Enterprise Human Resources System and a Time & Labor System which enables all its employees greater access to managing their personal information, reviewing select benefits, record time entries to log time worked and leave time taken and run the payroll processes.

Who do I contact if I am experiencing any ADP technical problems or concerns?

The ADP Help Desk, email or call toll free (855) 214-2644.

Direct Deposit/Pay Checks
University System of Georgia policy requires all faculty, staff and student employees to request direct deposit of their payroll payments within 30 days of date of hire.

Who do I contact if I am experiencing any ADP technical problems or concerns?

The ADP Help Desk, email or call toll free (855) 214-2644.

  • If within the first 30 days I don’t have my direct deposit set up, how long will it take to get my check?
  • Checks will be mailed from an ADP processing center to an employee’s home address and; there will be a delay in receiving these checks of potentially 3-4 days.

  • How do I sign up for direct deposit?
  • To enroll or make changes for direct deposit, log on to ADP Self Service at:

  • Will I still get a check advice?
  • Through the payroll system, employees will not receive a check advice. However, you can view a copy of your check advice on GSU’s ADP Self Service page. Select the “Money” tab, then “Pay Statements”.

  • What do I do if I cannot see my Pay Advice or W2?
  • You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader to view and print your pay advices properly. If you do not the latest Adobe Reader, please download it here: If you have the latest version of the reader, and are still having problems, please contact ADP Help Desk at

    Employee Self-Service
  • Who needs to register for Employee Self Services?
  • All employees who are paid by Georgia Southern University will need to register for ADP Employee Self Service prior to getting paid. Instructions are available under on the ADP page.

  • What services will the ADP Employee Self Service portal provide?
  • You will be able to:

    • View and update your personal information (address and contact information)
    • Edit or register for direct deposit
    • View your paycheck and tax with holdings
    • View your benefits online
    • View and edit your timecard
  • If the employee is a timestamp employee (casual labor and student workers) will they need to register in Employee Self Service?
  • Yes. ADP Portal is the employee’s entrance into the self-service utility. They will also need to register for eTime.

  • Do time clock users need to register for Employee Self Service?
  • Yes. ADP Portal is the employee’s entrance into the self-service utility. They will also need to register for eTime.

  • Will Graduate Assistants need to register for Employee Self Service?
  • Yes. ADP Portal is the employee’s entrance into the self-service utility. They will also need to register for eTime.

  • Will monthly casual labor employees need to register for Employee Self Service?
  • Yes. ADP Portal is the employee’s entrance into the self-service utility. They will also need to register for eTime.

  • What is eTime?
  • eTime is an online system where you enter your time worked. For non-exempt (hourly) staff, you enter your time in and out or the number of hours worked each day you work or the number of hours you take time off (sick, vacation, jury duty, etc.). For exempt-monthly (salaried) staff, you enter only the leave or time off taken. After completing hours worked and leave taken, you approve it. This allows your supervisor to know that your timecard is ready for his/her approval.

    Time Cards
  • Who approves leave?
  • Approvers have been selected within each unit to approve their employee’s time. It is still the responsibility of non-exempt and exempt employees to approve their own time card prior to their supervisor’s approval.
    If an employee’s time card is not approved, the employee will not be paid!

  • When are timecards due?
  • Biweekly, casual labor and student time cards will be due at 9:00am on the Monday after the pay period closes.Monthly timecards are due to payroll on the 10th of the following month. Payroll calendars are located on the Controller’s Office web page.Please make certain to write down the payroll dates. If you fail to approve and submit your employee’s time cards, they will not be paid!

  • How will I submit my time worked?
  • Employees will enter their time worked or any time taken off, with supervisor approval. Supervisors, will approve the time card online. This will be applicable to all types of employee groups: Student employees, bi-weekly paid employees, and monthly paid faculty and staff employees. However, those paid monthly will only key in their leave time taken. Departments with special approval clock in and out. For additional information review the ADP eTime manual.

  • What happens if a time card is not submitted and approved?
  • The employee will not be paid. Disciplinary action will be taken if an employee or approver continuously fails to approve their timecard.

  • How often do I need to review my time card?
  • There is not a set date that you need to review your time card. However, you will want to keep your timecard updated and current. This practice makes it easier for you to approve at the end of the pay period.

  • Can I approve time cards in the next pay period?
  • No. You can only approve timecards during the “Current Pay Period”. You can only view your time card in the previous period.

  • Can I set up a proxy to approve leave during my absence?
  • Yes. The eTime system does permit an approver to set another individual as an approver during their absence. The guidelines for setting up a proxy are located under the Approver training section.

    Time Clocks/Time Stamp
  • Who will utilize ADP time clocks?
  • Identified Physical Plant, Housing, and Public Safety employees will utilize the ADP time clock to record their time worked.

  • Do benefitted administrative secretaries need to punch in-or-out?
  • No. Benefitted Bi-weekly and monthly employees will utilize the eTime Time Cards.
    Benefitted biweekly employees will indicate the time that they have worked and leave taken on the electronic time card. Monthly exempt employees will indicate the leave that they have taken on their electronic time card.

  • How will students and casual labor employees punch in and out their time?
  • Students and casual labor employees will utilize a Time Stamp (an ADP feature to record time worked). Students and casual labor employees will be prompted to enter their User ID and password, and then simply click a “Record Your Time” button.

  • How will benefited employees who utilize a time clock record their leave?
  • If the leave is approved, the supervisor/approver will go into the employee’s time card to add their leave. Reconciling time and adding leave to an employee’s time card is covered in the eTime supervisory training.

  • Can students punch in and out multiple times during the day?
  • Yes. The timestamp feature permits employees to punch in and out multiple times throughout a day.

  • What if my employee or student worker failed to punch in or out?
  • The approver is able to reconcile the employee’s timecard. The approver should also include a comment. The approver needs to discuss this issue with the employee and address the importance of punching in and out. If an employee continuously fails to punch in and out, the supervisor needs to counsel the employee. Reconciling time is covered in the eTime supervisory training manual.

  • What happens if someone punches in or out for someone else?
  • Allowing another employee to punch in/out for an employee will constitute falsification of a record and will result in progressive discipline of both individuals up to including termination. Additionally, students are subject to the student judicial process.

  • Where can casual labor employees and student workers punch in and out?
  • An approver needs to share their expectations on which computer station their employees should use to punch in and out.

  • What if I do not have a computer station for my students or casual labor employees to use to punch in and out?
  • Please contact your IT representative to identify computer stations that are located near your office or a computer station may be provided to your unit.

  • Will employees need to clock in and out for lunch meals?
  • The University encourages all employees to have a meal period of sixty (60) minutes. All meal periods of thirty (30) minutes or longer are non-compensable. Casual labor and student employees need to punch in and out for lunch.

  • Are there grace periods for time clocks?
  • Yes. A person will not be paid for unapproved time worked if he/she has punched in prior to the official grace period of 15 minutes. eTime uses Change Points, which means the rounding rules change based on time before or after shift start. Change Points are the following:

    • 10 minutes before scheduled in-punch rounds to shift start time
    • 5 minutes after scheduled in-punch rounds back to shift start time
    • 5 minutes before scheduled out-punch rounds to shift end time
    • 15 minutes after scheduled out-punch round back to shift end time

    Please note: Grace periods only apply to employees on a schedule. Since students are not placed on a schedule in eTime, the system will simply record their time worked.

  • How will student workers or casual labor employees who are working at a conference or away from campus clock in?
  • Their approver can enter the hours that they have worked into the employee’s timecard.

  • I do not see a place on my time card to put in conferences or training that I attended. What do I do?
  • If you are a monthly or bi-weekly benefitted employee, you consider attending training/conferences for work as Hours Worked. At this time, there is not a Pay Code for training and conferences.

    If you have an ADP question, contact the ADP Help Desk at

    If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact the Shared Services Help Desk at

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