Performance Evaluations

Provisional Evaluations (first 6 months on the job)
Provisional performance evaluations should be completed by the employee’s supervisor after the provisional work period of 6 months is completed by the employee. Supervisors should use this paper form to evaluate the employee, sign it, and send a copy to  A copy of the performance evaluation can be found HERE.

Annual Evaluations (For all employees)

All University System of Georgia (benefits-eligible) staff shall be evaluated by their supervisor on an annual basis. An employee in his/her provisional period should be evaluated at least once prior to the completion of the provisional period.

The performance evaluation process is a tremendous opportunity for staff development. Done effectively, performance evaluations: build communication between supervisors and staff, creates a link between individual and institutional expectations and goals, and serves as a guide for continuous improvement and learning.

If you need assistance or support during the completion of the performance evaluation, please contact Demetrius C. Bynes at


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Evaluation Process

Italicized words are automatic cues to send the evaluation to the next step of the process.  Once these buttons are selected for each step in the PeopleAdmin system, we cannot route the evaluation back. Please be sure of your work before moving forward.

  1. Evaluation Manager must log into the PeopleAdmin Performance Management system to acknowledge the performance plan.  Under the “Supervisor Creates Plan” step, co-reviewers must be added at this time.  Once the supervisor selects Creates, you cannot go back and add a co-reviewer in the future. Upon clicking Acknowledge, this will automatically open the Supervisor and Self Evaluations which will be shown in their respective cues.
    • Self evaluations are not mandated by Human Resources. However, it is at the discretion of the supervisor and/or department if they would like to ask for one.  If that is the case, it is up to the supervisor to communicate a self evaluation due date with their employee.  Self evaluations need to be completed before the face-to-face meeting.
  2. Evaluation Manager must start and Complete the supervisor evaluation.  When the evaluation manager is satisfied with all content of the evaluation, selecting Complete will automatically submit the supervisor’s evaluation to the employee.
    • If the supervisor wishes to step away from the computer or come back at another time to finish the evaluation, please make sure you select Save Draft so your progress is not lost.
    • It is the supervisor’s responsibility to add the employee’s completed training opportunities as part of the evaluation.  This information can be gathered from the employee.  We want all supervisors to be aware of their employees development opportunities, both past and future. Please include face-to-face learning on campus, Building a Better U, webinars, conferences attended, etc. Should you need to confirm on campus or Building a Better U training, contact Demetrius C. Bynes at
    • It is the supervisor’s responsibility to decide when they would like the employee to view the supervisor evaluation.
      • If the supervisor wants the employee to view their evaluation prior to the face-to-face meeting, then the supervisor can select complete whenever they are comfortable with the content.  At this point, it is the supervisor’s responsibility to communicate with the employee regarding a date and time for the face-to-face meeting as well as letting them know they can log into PeopleAdmin to view their evaluation.
      • If the supervisor does not want the employee to view the evaluation until after the face-to-face meeting, the supervisor should not select complete until after the meeting.  During the meeting, the supervisor should let the employee know when to log into PeopleAdmin to view, comment, and acknowledge the evaluation.
  3. Face-to-Face Meetings should be conducted at this time.  All aspects of the evaluation should be thoroughly discussed, including performance examples and reasons for each rating.
  4. Employee logs into the PeopleAdmin Performance Management portal to add their comments and Acknowledge the evaluation.  The employee’s acknowledgement automatically sends the evaluation to HR and completes the process. 

Evaluation Rating Scale

Please choose your ratings wisely and provide performance examples in the comments area. The following are in order from best to worst with explanations:

  • Exceeds—This rating is only to be used for those who have gone above and beyond.
  • Satisfactory—This rating is for those who have done their job well and as expected.
  • Needs Improvement—This rating is for those who have an area of minor weakness that needs to be addressed. This could be a simple fix.
  • Unsatisfactory—This is a major area of emphasis that will need a large amount of attention moving forward. If this rating is chosen, please schedule timely follow up action.
  • Not Applicable—This is not a “middle of the road” rating. Only use this rating if the competency area absolutely does not apply to the employee.

Logging Into the PeopleAdmin Performance Management System

  1. You can access the PeopleAdmin by going to
  2. Enter your My.GeorgiaSouthern username and password to log into the PeopleAdmin system.
  3. Once in the system, click on the “Go to Performance Management Portal” link in the upper, right corner.

Save Your Progress in the PeopleAdmin System

  • PeopleAdmin may time out.
  • Due to PeopleAdmin timing out, if you step away from the computer or close out of the system, make sure to ‘Save Draft’ so you do not lose your progress.

Performance Evaluation Training

Training Manuals:
Training Videos:

Managerial Training Video for 2017:

For Employees (Acknowledging the Evaluation)

Past Video for Mangers


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