Performance Evaluations FAQ

What is my username?
To access the PeopleAdmin system, use your My.GeorgiaSouthern username and password.
Who starts the evaluation process?
The evaluation manager begins the evaluation process with the “Supervisor Creates Plan” step.
What is the evaluation cycle?
It is not required to indicate the evaluation cycle dates in the performance management system.
Can I view last year’s evaluation?
Yes, both hiring managers and employees are able to review evaluations that were submitted during the previous evaluation cycle. Hiring managers should select My Employees’ Reviews and employees should select My Reviews.
Will an employee know once the evaluation manager has started the evaluation process?
Once the evaluation manager completes the “Supervisor Acknowledges Plan” step, the employee will be able to view and complete their self evaluation at the same time the manager is viewing and completing the supervisor evaluation.
Will an e-mail notification be sent out to the employee and evaluation manager?
Human Resources will send a GSNEWS email prompting the beginning of the annual evaluation period. After this point, it is up to the evaluation manager to communicate with their employee when they have completed the supervisor evaluation so the employee can meet with them and then Acknowledge.
How will I know if my employee is exempt or non-exempt?
All employees are evaluated on the same 13 competencies. If an employee’s job does not fall within the competency, please provide a “Not Applicable” rating from the menu.
Can I save my evaluation?
It is very important to know that your evaluation does not automatically save when you close out of the system. In order to save your evaluation, click on the Actions button and select Save Draft or scroll to the bottom of the last tab of the evaluation and select Save Draft.
If I save my employee’s evaluation, where can I find it again?
If the wanted evaluation is not showing up on your performance management home screen, use the “My Reviews” and “My Employee’s Reviews” links on the left side to view your options.
Will I still have to hold a performance evaluation meeting?
Yes! After the evaluation manager has evaluated the employee, both will get together for a face-to-face performance evaluation meeting. It is up to the manager to communicate with the employee regarding setting up this meeting and letting the employee know their evaluation has been completed. After this meeting, the employee will enter their comments and select Acknowledge. When the employee acknowledges the supervisor evaluation, it is automatically sent to HR.
What day are the performance evaluations due?
For 2017, annual performance evaluations are due June 30, 2017.
Can I use the same form for provisional employees?
What if I am an employee that does not agree with the performance evaluation?
Even if an employee does not agree with their performance evaluation, they are unable to change it. An employee can write a rebuttal, which will be placed in their personnel file.
How can the evaluation manager access the training an employee has attended this past year?
To access training an employee has attended at Georgia Southern, you must send an email to The evaluation manger may attach or type any training attended this past year into the performance evaluation form under the Training tab.
Will I be able to print off a copy of my performance evaluation form?
Yes! Go into your evaluation and select the supervisor.

Last updated: 4/25/2017


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