Performance Evaluations

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All classified University System of Georgia employees shall be evaluated by their supervisor on an annual basis. An employee in his or her provisional period should be evaluated at least once prior to the completion of the provisional period.

The performance evaluation process is an opportunity to guide staff development. Done effectively, performance evaluation builds communication between supervisors and staff, and creates a link between individual and institutional goals, and serves as a guide for continuous improvement and continuous learning.

If you need assistance or support during the completion of the performance appraisal, please contact Jeff Laws at 478-7120 or Ale Kennedy at 478-1687.

Evaluation Process
  1. Evaluation Manager Starts evaluation and completes evaluation. It is then submitted to Employee
  2. Face-to-Face Meeting (recommended at this time)
  3. Employee Types in their comments and submits back to Evaluation Manager
  4. Evaluation Manager Submits evaluation to HR
Getting Started

You can access the PeopleAdmin site for Performance Evaluations on the HR site under More Quick Links, then click PeopleAdmin.

In the “log screen” enter your PeopleAdmin Username and Password, and then click on ‘LOGIN’.

If you are new to Georgia Southern, please make certain you have created a PeopleAdmin User Account. This can be done selecting Create User Account on the PeopleAdmin page.

If you forgot your PeopleAdmin username or password, please contact Human Resources at 478-5468, or Ale Kennedy at 478-1687 or Jeff Laws at 478-7120.

Keep in Mind – Process
  • Self evaluations are optional this year. Feel free to create your own self-evaluation or contact Ale Kennedy for assistance.
  • Professional development courses can be listed under ‘Attachments’.
  • It is not required to indicate the ‘Evaluation Cycle begin or End Date’. However, this is helpful for record keeping purposes. The begin date would be approximately when the last evaluation was conducted, and the end date would be the current date.
  • Only those evaluations that were considered complete and sent to HR within the last year can be searched under Historical Evaluations.
  • Evaluations are due April 30, 2014.
Keep in Mind – PeopleAdmin System
  • PeopleAdmin may time out.
  • If PeopleAdmin times out, or you close out of the system, make sure to ‘Save’ the evaluation.
  • The evaluation will not automatically save. The ‘Save’ icon is located after the last tab (Evaluation History) when completing your evaluation.
  • When attaching training courses, make certain to select ‘Attach’, then ‘Confirm’.

If you experience any problems, please contact Ale Kennedy at 478-1687 or Jeff Laws at 478-7120.

If you need your password reset, you may contact Human Resources at 478-5468.

If you need assistance or support during the completion of the performance appraisal, please contact Ale Kennedy at 478-1687.

Department of Human Resources • P.O. Box 8104 • Statesboro, Georgia 30460 • (912) 478-5468