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Wednesday OneUSG Tip

Today’s OneUSG Connect tip is about submitting a time off request.  This process is the same for all employees, exempt or non-exempt. If you rarely ask for time off, or you are a monthly employee who only once a month logs into OneUSG Connect, sometimes you forget what is the procedure, so we thought it was time for a review.  Most importantly, there has to be a request, you don’t place it on your time card as we did in ADP. So don’t try to go into your timesheet and just add it in. Instead, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into OneUSG Connect.
  2. From Employee Self Service, click the Time and Absence tile.
  3. On the Time page, click the Request Absence link.
  4. On the Request Absence page, click the Absence Name field and select absence reason.
  5. Enter or select the Start Date of the absence.
  6. Enter or select the End Date of the absence, if more than one day is being requested.
  7. Validate/enter the number of hours for the absence in the Duration field.
  8. Add Comments to detail the absence request. These comments are routed to your manager or designated time approver.
  9. To save the request without submitting it, click the Save for Later button.
  10. When finished entering all information for the absence, click the Submit button.
  11. The system displays an informational message, asking you to confirm the submittal request.  Click the Yes button.
  12. After completing the submittal process, the leave request is redisplayed in read-only mode.  The Request Status is set to Submitted.

To note: If you’ve made a mistake, you need to “edit” your time instead of canceling it or pushing it back .  If you go through all these steps and request time off but made a mistake, you or your manager need to ‘edit’ the request. For example, if you requested 8 hours but realized you only needed 4 hours, ‘edit’ the request.  If you cancel and think you can start over, the system won’t allow it.  It will tell you that there is already a request for that day. You will then need to contact payroll for them to delete the cancellation so you can start over.

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***Please remember that electronic 2017 W-2s will be in ADP Portal and not in OneUSG Connect.

***Approving Employee Time: Time Approvers and Managers approve time using Report Time.


Click the links below for Employee Self-Service, Manager Self-Service, Faculty Self-Service, or Time, Absence and Pay and be directed to a host of tools to assist you in achieving your goals.

Employee Self Service


Need assistance signing on, changing your personal information, submitting a leave request, or changing your personal information? Click Here.

Faculty Self Service


Do you need to update degree information, add a publication, or presentation to your profile? The Faculty Self Service training area provides information for the actions you need to take to update your faculty profile. Click Here.

Manager Self Service


Do you need to update an employee’s schedule, approve an employee’s time, or approve a vacation or absence request? The Manager Self Service training area provides information for the actions you need to take on behalf of the employees that you supervise. Click Here.

Time, Absence, & Pay

Do you need to submit time, ask off for a vacation, view a pay stub, or approve your monthly leave report? The Time, Absence, and Pay area provides information for the actions you need to take to access pay and leave information. Click Here.

Understanding the Time Approver Tile

Time approvers have the ability to approve time, vacation requests and more. Here are a few job aids to assist you in navigating the Time Approver Tile.