Committees and Representatives

2017/2018 Staff Council


Executive Committee

Chair Jasper Stewart 8-8596 Finance & Operation IT Services
Chair-Elect Brenda Richardson 8-1931 WCHP Student Services Center
Past Chair Brenda Aytes 8-5697 Printing & Postal Services
Secretary Naronda Wright  8-8626  Academic Affairs – Graduate Studies
Treasurer Laura Pallini 4-3271  Office of Academic Advising and Success
Parliamentarian Greg Crawford  8-5073  Business and Finance Eagle Dining Services
Advisor Mrs. Rebecca Carroll Human Resources
Chair USG Staff Council Kendria Lee 8-7534 External Affairs, Office of VP


Staff Council Representatives

Katherine Arntzen 8-3233 Strategic Communications & Marketing
Renae Baker 8-1930 WCHP Student Services Center
Dani Beckmann 4-5009 Information Technology Services
Lauren Buck 8-7803 Athletics
Todd Cross 8-5234 Public Safety
Addie Edwards 8-0350 Procurement & Logistical Services
Fernando Foster 4-3022 Information Technology Services
Danny Frazier 8-2528 Mechanical Services
Phil Gore 4-2694 Military & Veterans Affairs
Angel Howard 4-3175 Information Technology Services
Philip Leroy 8-7635 Finance & Operation IT Services
Adrianne McCollar 8-5338 Custodial Services – Educational
Ronnie Mehelic 8-5840 Information Technology Services
America Minc 8-1153 Student Affairs – CRI
Dawn Oliver 8-7639 University Advancement – Donor Relations
Ava Percell 8-1863 Enrollment Management
Jason Salzer 4-2561 Recreation & Wellness
Jessica Weaver 4-2636 Information Technology Services



Staff Council Committees

There are 7 standing committees established in the Staff Council Bylaws. Every Staff Council Representative must participate on at least one of these committees. Ad hoc committees are created by the Council as the need arises. Any staff member may participate as a non-voting member of a committee.

  • By-Laws Committee – This committee writes and submits any amendments and/or revisions of the By-laws to the Staff Council.
  • Communications Committee – This committee is responsible for the Staff Council website and communication as needed to Staff Council representatives and staff members across campus on behalf of Staff Council. Committee communications are under final approval of the Staff Council officers.
  • Staff Morale Committee – This committee conducts staff surveys, organize town hall meetings and submits recommendations to upper administration to increase awareness of staff concerns, needs, and attitudes and implements plans to improve and provide opportunities to for the enhancement of staff work environments and quality of life on campus.
  • Employee Wellness Committee – This committee looks for opportunities to enhance staff well-being. Research is done on other USG institutions to ensure any disparity is addressed. We look for ways to advocate for staff to have a positive work-life environment in order to ensure a healthy workforce.
  • Staff Service & Merit Award Committee – Staff Council accepts nominations from staff, faculty, and students for staff demonstrating outstanding accomplishments beyond their normal duties
  • Fundraising & Outreach Committee – This committee is responsible for organizing all Staff Council fundraising activities and coordinating all outreach events
  • Scholarship Committee – This committee supports staff employees and their dependent children by allocating financial support raised by the Fundraising Committee for use toward higher education. The Committee publicizes the Staff Council scholarships, receives and evaluates applications based on financial need and academic performance, and makes awards based upon availability of funds.

Last updated: 4/6/2018

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