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About OUR Southern


OUR Southern

OUR Southern is a program designed to welcome new Georgia Southern faculty and staff members and engage them into Georgia Southern’s traditions, connect them to University resources, and welcome them into the rich/diverse Georgia Southern culture. These experiences are designed to be entertaining, informational, and provide new Georgia Southern members with the information they need to be successful.


Networking, informational, and welcoming sessions to ease the transition to Georgia Southern.

OUR Southern Welcome Session

A mandatory session for new benefited staff (faculty are welcomed to attend) covers Georgia Southern’s history, current organizational structure, student body and academic offerings, employee resources, and more. This event allows participants the opportunity to network with GSU’s leaders, employees, and become more aware of University’s offerings.

OUR Southern Tour
Tours will be conducted by the Student Ambassadors. Participants in this voluntary session will meet under the Rotunda at Russell Union for an abbreviated tour of campus.

OUR Southern Leaders
Offered in the third month of work, this voluntary session will allow participants to have coffee, network with leaders, build stringer relationships in campus.

OUR Eagle Cultural Experience
This voluntary session will take employees on a brief 1 hour tour at one of our cultural locations on campus. Here we get to know places such as the museum, gardens, and wildlife center offerings

OUR Roundtable Discussion
Happening in the 6th month, this mandatory event for benefitted staff will ask the question, “what could we do better?” Further, the round table is an opportunity for staff to learn about T.A.P (Tuition Assistance Program).




OUR Goals

  • Welcome new employees to Georgia Southern University.
  • Build consistency in the new employee experience.
  • Deepen the connection between the employee and the institution (engagement).
  • Connect the employee to a network of leaders, staff, and administrators on campus.
  • Ease the transition to a new job, a new location, new coworkers, and a new organizational culture.

If you have any questions about upcoming events, please contact the Organizational Development Office @ 8-7120.



Last updated: 2/15/2017