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BYLAWS The Georgia Southern University Retirees Association

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The name of the organization shall be “The Georgia Southern University Retirees Association.”

The objective of the organization shall be to provide ongoing communication between Georgia
Southern University and its retirees, with expressed needs and opportunities coming from
retirees and from the University.

All faculty and staff retirees of the University shall be eligible for membership, contingent upon
the paying of $5.00 annual membership dues. Spouses or former spouses of deceased faculty and
staff members of the University shall also be eligible for membership, contingent upon the
paying of $5.00 annual membership dues.


Section 1. The governing body of the Association shall be the Georgia Southern
University Retirees Council. The Council shall consist of nine elected members, plus ex-officio
members. If the Immediate Past Chair’s Council elected membership has expired, he/she will
remain on the Council for one year as an ex-officio member. Similarly, if the Immediate Past
Vice Chair’s elected term has expired, her/she will remain on the Council as Chair.

Section 2. Non-voting ex-officio members will represent the University President,
Human Resources, the Faculty Senate, the Staff Council, University Advancement, and other
areas when desirable, as decided by a two-thirds vote of the Council.

Section 3. Three members of the Council will be elected for three-year terms each year
by the voting members of the Association. In addition, each year three alternate members shall
be elected.

a. Each of the alternate members shall serve a one-year term. If a member of the Council
becomes unable or unwilling to continue, the Council will select an alternate to replace
the member on the Council. Alternates will be invited to attend all Council meetings as
non-voting members.
b. Nominations for Council membership shall be solicited from Association members. From
those names suggested, the Nominating Committee, chaired by the Immediate Past Chair
and consisting of one Council member from staff and one Council member from faculty,
will prepare a slate of up to three names for each upcoming vacancy. A ballot will be sent
to each member of the Association, and election results will be announced at the Annual
c. Council members may be elected to additional three-year terms.

Section 4. The officers of the Council shall be the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary-Treasurer,
and Immediate Past Chair. The Chair position will be filled by the Vice Chair from the previous
year. The Vice Chair and Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected annually by the Council from
among the elected members of the Council. The position of Chair will alternate, when possible,
between a retired faculty member and a retired staff member. If the Chair is a retired faculty
member, the Vice Chair shall be a retired staff member, and vice versa.

Section 5. Before March 1 of each year, the Council shall elect a representative and an
alternate to the USG Retiree Council to take office July 1.

Section 6. The Council shall plan and promote activities, programs and services for
Association members.

Section 7. Committees may be formed by the Council or by the Chair when needed.
Committees may include Association members who are not Council members.


Section 1. The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held in conjunction with the
Retirees Luncheon each spring, well in advance of the benefits open enrollment period. Other
meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the Council.

Section 2. The Council shall meet at least semi-annually, including in conjunction with
the Annual Meeting of the Association. Other meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the
Council or, when circumstances warrant, at the call of the Chair.

These Bylaws can be amended by mail or electronic ballots provided to members of the
Association, provided that two-thirds of the returned ballots favor the amendment.

Amended: July 18, 2017
Approved: August 28, 2017

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Last updated: 2/13/2018