Representatives & Committees

Staff Council Executive Committee 2019-2020

Ava Percell,, 912.478.1863Enrollment Management
Danira Beckmann,, 912.344.2888IT Services
Dee Thompson,, 912.478.7534Henderson Library
Adrianne McCollar,, 912.478.5338Facility Services
Reginald Scott,, 912.478.5270Facility Services
Rebecca Carroll,, 912.478.5468Human Resources
Brenda Richardson, Past, 912.478.1931WCHP Student Services Center

Staff Council Representatives 2018-2019

Katherine, 912.344.3233Strategic Communications & Marketing
Allison, 912.344.3227Financial Services
Andrew, 912.344.2519Dean of Students
Danny, 912.478.2528Mechanical Services
Lakisha, 912.478.1216Auxiliary IT Services
Angel, 912.344.3175IT Services
Christopher, 912.478.0880Office of Gift Planning
Patrice, 912.344.2681Armstrong & Liberty Campus Operations
Sybil, 912.344.2895Business and Finance
Colby, 912.478.7572Bursar's Office
Phillip, 912.478.7635Finance & Operations IT Services
DeAnn, 912.478.6106Business & Finance
Katherine, 912.478.4713Eagle Dining Services
Adrianne, 912.478.5338Facilities Services
Brittany, 912.478.8641Office of the Dean of Behavioral & Social Sciences
Jason, 912.344.2561Recreation & Wellness
Reginald, 912.478.5270Facilities Services: Service Response
Nick, 912.344.3118Residence Life
Trina, 912.344.2535Armstrong & Liberty Campus Operations
Dee, 912.478.7534Henderson Library-Research Services
Ashley, 912.478.0025Office of the President
Jessica, 912.344.2636IT Services

Staff Council Committees

In addition to the executive committee, there are five standing committees established in the Staff Council by-laws. Every Staff Council representative must participate on at least two of these committees. Ad hoc committees are created by the Council as the need arises. Any staff member may participate as a non-voting member of a committee.

  • By-Laws Committee – This committee writes and submits any amendments and/or revisions of the by-laws to the Staff Council.
  • Communications Committee – This committee is responsible for the Staff Council website and communication as needed to Staff Council representatives and staff members across the university on behalf of Staff Council.
  • Staff Development Committee – This committee promotes training and advancement programs and opportunities for personal and professional development of the staff.  In addition, this committee may survey staff and make recommendations to upper administration to increase awareness of staff concerns, needs, and attitudes.
  • Fundraising and Scholarship Committee – This committee supports staff employees and their dependent children by allocating financial support raised by the committee for use in higher education. The Committee publicizes the Staff Council scholarships, including the Shelley Merrick Textbook Scholarship, receives and evaluates applications based on financial need and academic performance, and makes awards based upon availability of funds.
  • Staff Outreach and Special Events Committee – This committee works to build morale and enhance staff interaction with our three campus communities through special events and outreach projects.

Last updated: 7/1/2019

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