Service and Merit Awards

Staff Years of Service Award

The Staff Years of Service Award recognizes and acknowledges staff for their years of service to Georgia Southern University. Also each year Classified and/or Administrative Professional employees are selected from campus nominations to receive the Award of Merit, which is based upon their commitment to go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service to our campus. This year six staff members will be selected as an Award of Excellence Recipient, and they will be presented with a medallion and a monetary award of $1,000.

Requirements for Merit Award Nomination
  • The nominee must be in a benefited position
  • The nominee must have been employed by the University for at least one continuous year and in good standing.
  • Nominees must receive one endorsement form and two supporting endorsement forms.
  • Present Staff Council members or recipients of the Merit Award within the past two years are not eligible to receive an award.
Merit Award of Excellence Criteria
    • Character

Examples of how the nominee improves the work environment with their positive and uplifting attitude; compassion and empathy for others; and how they create and uphold a positive image for the university. How do they cultivate enthusiasm and camaraderie in the workplace? Do they seek to engage in the development of students/coworkers?

    • Dedication

Example of their attention to detail, innovation beyond expectations and willingness to aid fellow colleagues. How does the nominee exhibit a commitment to continuous improvement of themselves, their department, and the university? Identify efforts the nominee has made to enhance the campus community.

    • Job Performance

Examples of their resourcefulness, how do they work to achieve the goals of their department and the university? What role does the nominee play on the departmental team? How has their work made an impact on the department/campus community?

    • Customer Service

Describe opportunities where the nominee exhibited excellent customer service to Georgia Southern’s students, faculty, staff, or visitors. How does the nominee step up to serve the department? Do they volunteer to serve the University? Provide examples of active involvement in department/campus events and programs.

    • What sets the employee apart from others?

What else sets this employee apart from other employees? Please describe the specific achievement or contribution made by the nominee that is the basis for this nomination. How has the nominee impacted their department/ campus community? Why is this outside of their regular job responsibilities?

    • University service awards

Other University accolades or awards received by this nominee.

Previous Merit Award Winners

Last updated: 2/13/2019

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