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Policies and Procedures

The Human Resources Policy & Procedures Page offers information that is important to Administrative/Professional and Classified employees at Georgia Southern University. The policy information found on this page and accompanying links does not constitute an employee contract, but rather a summary of University policies and procedures that will be of practical use to both administrators and employees. With the exception of certain provisions pertinent to Sick Leave Policy and the Family Medical Leave Act, Academic Personnel will want you to refer to the Division of Academic Affairs and the Georgia Southern Faculty Handbook for information concerning policies and procedures that govern faculty employment at Georgia Southern University. Further clarification and information about University policies and procedures can be acquired through the Department of Human Resources.

The University, at its discretion, may change, delete, suspend, or discontinue any or all parts of the institutional policies and procedures without prior notice. This policy and procedural information does not modify state or federal laws nor does it serve as legal advice. Information found on the Policy and Procedural page will be updated monthly or when changes occur.

The President’s Cabinet has approved a new policy entitled, “Formulation and Issuance of University Policies.” It becomes effective today and a copy of the new policy is attached to this email. In the future, University policies will be available on a centralized electronic repository. You will be notified by email when the centralized repository is operational. You will also be notified by email of new University policies and revisions to existing University policies.

Please note that existing policies and procedures remain in effect, including procedures for implementing policies that are not University-wide. The policy becoming effective today does not eliminate any existing procedure for proposing policies, including existing procedures for obtaining approval and/or feedback as appropriate prior to seeking final approval by the President’s Cabinet. You will find the form and template mentioned in the policy in the “Forms” section of the Legal Affairs website,

Please direct any additional questions regarding the policy on Formulation and Issuance of University Policies to the Office of Legal Affairs.

2.0 Basic Policies and Appointment

2000. Americans with Disabilities Act 
2020. Drug Policy
2020A. Drug Free Workplace Act
2021. Alcohol (New 8/2013)
2030. Criminal Background Investigation (Revisied 3/2013)
2040. Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity
2050. Information Technology/Computer Use
2060. Background Investigations for Certified Officers
2061. Background Investigation for Volunteers
2062. Financial History Background Check
2063. Social Media See Harassment Policy 2010, section 2.1

2.1 University Employment

2100. Types of Employment
2110. Provisional Period (Revisied 3/2013)
2115. Age Restrictions
2125. Orientation and On-boarding
2130. Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) (Revised 3/2013)
2152. Recruiting and Hiring Benefited Staff (Revised 3/2013)
2153. Student Employment (Revised 2/27/2017)
2170. Safety
2171. Nonviolence in the Work Place
2180. Political Activities
2181. Conflicts of Interest
2185. Gratuities
2193. Temporary Employees (Revised 5/11/2015)
2194. Terminating Employees PAF(Revised 5/18/2011)
2195. Flexible Work Arrangements
2196. FlexPlace
2198. Ethics

2.2 Salary Determination and Compensation

2210. Overtime
2240. Call Back
2260. Pay Status Change Policy

2.3 Leave Time

2300. Vacation/Annual Leave(Revised 8/2012)
2305. Sick Leave
2320. Holidays (Revisied 3/2013)
2325. Leave of Absence without Pay
2330. Voting
2340. Military Leave
2355. FMLA (Revised 10/2014)
2355. FMLA Forms
2356. Maternity Leave
2360. Jury Duty (Revised 10/2014)
2370. Developmental Leave
2371. Education Leave and Assistance Policy (NEW)
2385. Organ and Marrow Donation
2395. Bereavement Leave (Revised 3/2011)

2.4 Employee Benefits

2400. Group Insurance Programs
2410. Retirement Plans
2420. Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) (Revised 7/2011)
2430. Workers’ Compensation
2450. Return to Work
2460. Employment Beyond Retirement

2.5 Employee Relations

2500. Employee Counseling and Disciplinary Action (Revised 3/2013)
2510. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
2520. Appeal (Grievance) Procedures
2530. Amorous Relationship
2540. Performance Evaluations
2550. Mediation
2560. Cooperation in Internal Investigations
2570. Fitness For Duty Policy
2571. Performance Management
2572. Progresive Discipline
2576. Non Retaliation

2.6 Separation

2600. Dismissal, Demotion or Suspension
2620. Resignation (Revised 2/2015)
2630. Exit Interview / Questionnaire
2650. University Checkout Policy (Revised 9/2011)

2.7 Learning & Development

2700. Professional Development

2.8 Other Important Information and Procedures

2800. Credit Inquires
2805. Tobacco Free Campus (New 9/2014)
2810. Credit Union
2820. Open Records
2830. Volunteer Policy
2840. Human Resources Training Room
2850. Children in the Workplace
2860. Animals in the Workplace
2870. Dress Code
2880. Work Rules
2890. Nursing Mothers Accommodation Policy
2891. Rest and Meal Period Policy
2892 Emeritus (ae) Policy (Revised 10/2014)
2893. Emergency Inclement Weather Closing (New 3/2013)
2894 AED Policy (New 8/2013)
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Last updated: 8/21/2019