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(Statesboro Campus, Savannah Campus, & Hinesville Campus)

Staying Informed. Keeping Involved. Making a Difference for Our Fellow Retirees:

Continue your connection to Georgia Southern University by participating in the Georgia Southern(GS) University Retirees Association. The Objective of the GS Retirees Association is to provide ongoing communication between the University and its retirees. This provides an opportunity for retirees to remain involved with the ongoing life of the University and for the University to benefit from the accumulated wisdom of the retirees.

Please join us in GS Retirees Association activities throughout the year. Activities include co-hosting the annual Retirees Faculty and Staff luncheon in April of each year. This Luncheon honors new retirees and provides an opportunity to stay in touch with old friends and to learn about current developments at the University.

GS Retirees Association information will be announced through the Retirees list serve email and by regular mail. Please let us know your communications preferences.

The Retirees Association accepts donations to support outreach to our retirees. Make sure to specify Georgia Southern University Retirees Association Account #0008 on your check. 

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Join the Retirees Association

Join the Retirees Association

Retirees Association Chairman Message

Association Goals (FY ’18 & Beyond)

Proposed Strategic Plans/Programs for the Retirees Association
a. Scholarship Program for Retirees and Retiree Students
b. Healthcare Information/Feedback
c. Mentoring support by retirees for retirees as well as current university employees
d. Involve retirees who do not live in the Statesboro area: Maintain contact with their peers, keep them up -to-date on Retirees Association activities, University policies and events.

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