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Student Employee Shout Outs

Emi Terrill, Senior, Human Resources Student Employee

“Emi is quick and intuitive! She is a great asset to the HR team and our go to for quick results and attention to detail with graphic design!”

Yolanda Hernandez
Kierra Kemp, Senior, Human Resources Student Employee

“Kierra has been with us since 2020! She has contributed to the HR team and helped us maintain the service excellence we strive for in the Service Center. We are so happy to have been a part of Kierra’s time at Georgia Southern and wish her well after graduation and beyond!”

Yolanda Hernandez
Michelle Perez, Sophomore, Liberty Campus Student Employee

“Michelle has been with the Liberty Campus for two years and has been just a great and important part of our office. She goes above and beyond to help our Students, Faculty, and Staff. Her creative ideas have made such a great impact on our campus events! You rock, Michelle!”

Glendy S Averhart
Meuntie Young, Senior, DDTS Student Employee

“Meuntie is studious, a hard work, dedicated, and a great student/classmate.”

Myka Campbell
Mackenzie Williams, Junior, DDTS Student Employee

“Mackenzie is very special. She is kind, hard working, considerate, and an astute observer and listener.”

Myka Campbell
Katie Snyder, Junior, School of Human Ecology Student Employee

“She went above and beyond in being considerate and dedicated to creating an excellent student work display for our accreditation this semester and we would not have been able to achieve the great success we did without her.”

Beth Mcgee
Amanda Taft, Senior, Research Services/University Libraries Student Employee

“Amanda is a delightful personality. She has a super skill for organization, and she has helped so much with OER work this semester. We are going to miss her, but wish her the very best in her future endeavors!”

Nikki Rech
Jordan Powell, Senior, Institutional Assessment & Accreditation Student Employee

“Jordan is AMAZING! We are fortunate to work with such a dedicated, meticulous, and conscientious individual.”

Bradley Sturz
Ciera Wallace, Senior, Collection Services – Henderson Library Student Employee

“Ciera has worked in the GS Libraries for the last 4 years, and has been a pure joy!! Ciera has been reliable, capable and a pleasure to work with! She will truly be missed when she graduates, but we all hope all the best to Ciera in her future!! Take risks and go have many adventures!!!”

Rebecca Hunnicutt
Dayana Love, Senior, Collection Services – Henderson Library Student Employee

“Dayana is a graduating senior this year, and we are so sorry to see her leave! We are all so excited for her future though! Dayana is a lovely young woman who is going to accomplish so much in her life! She has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and after 4 years with her, she will be truly missed! I hope you take risks, do the uncomfortable things sometimes and have amazing adventures!!”

Rebecca Hunnicutt
Jamie Martin, Junior, Collection Services Department Student Employee

“Jamie is such a hard worker and does everything you ask with such a great attention to detail. She is a key factor of meeting deadlines with our work and I am so grateful she is a member of our team.”

Megan Wrye
Alantra Sampson, Senior, Collection Services Department Student Employee

“I am so happy I had the chance to work side by side with Alantra over a few semesters! She is graduating and we will miss her when she is gone but are so grateful for all her hard work!”

Megan Wrye
Jacob Carroll, Senior, Academic Success Center Student Employee

“Jacob is always a joy to be around! He is always there whenever I need him and is willing to help out with anything in the department.”

Madison Murphy
JaNiya Rouse, Freshman, Academic Success Center Student Employee

“JaNiya is always willing to help out in the department. She is friendly and helpful with anyone who crosses her path!”

Madison Murphy
Tania Carrington, Senior, Human Resources

“Tania has been a great person to work with and is always willing to help with all kinds of projects. We are grateful for all her hard work and creativity!”

Amanda Maynard

Last updated: 7/13/2021