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Upcoming Job Fairs

Hiring Manager FAQs

What online platform will be utilized for the job fair?

The Student Employment Center has teamed up with the Office of Career and Professional Development to utilize the Handshake virtual platform. 

When is the event?  

The job fair is scheduled for August 18th from the hours of 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.  This will allow students the opportunity to sign up for multiple group and/or one-on-one sessions.  Human Resources encourages the department to create a schedule that allows participation throughout the entire scheduled time for this event.

When is the deadline for a department to register for the job fair? 

The deadline for registration is July 23, 2021.

Where is the event?  

The event will be completely online utilizing the virtual Handshake platform.

How will students apply for the position?  

The department will complete and submit the Student Job Opening Request Form for the position that will be recruited for at this event. The position will go live on OneUSG Careers August 9th. Hiring managers will be able to contact applicants and direct them to their schedule in HandShake to sign up for a group and/or one-on-session.

How many hiring managers will need to participate?  

The departments can create a group of up to 15 team members to their virtual job fair schedule to assist in facilitating the event. 

How will Handshake be utilized for the job fair?

After registering for the job fair, the Hiring Manager will receive an email invite from Handshake requesting to create a schedule for the event. The schedule may be composed of group sessions or one-on-one sessions. If preferred, the department is able to create a mixed schedule of group and one-on-one sessions.

  • Group session:  The group sessions are 30 minutes long each and a wonderful opportunity for the department to speak with multiple students at one time about their job openings. This session will only allow 50 attendees including the participating Hiring Manager. 
  • One-on-One session:  The one-on-one session allows the Hiring Managers to speak with a student for 10 minutes about the job opportunity.

How do I create a schedule in HandShake? 

To create a schedule the department will utilize the Handshake Guide for Employers.  Hiring Managers should have created a completed schedule by July 30th.  The event invitation will be emailed to all enrolled students on August 2nd to begin signing up for group and/or one-on-one sessions.

How will I know if a student has signed up for my department’s group or one-on-one session?  

After creating the schedule, Hiring Managers will have immediate access to view students that have signed up for one-on-one and/or group sessions.  Students will have access to the event in Handshake beginning August 2nd. Also, Hiring Managers will be able to direct interested students to the department’s schedule in Handshake to participate in a group and/or one-on-one session.

What if no students have signed up for a department’s group or one-on-one session prior to the event?

Students are allowed to sign up until the scheduled session starts. After the session starts, students will be unable to sign up.

What will happen on the day of the event? 

Hiring Managers will utilize Handshake’s Hosting Virtual Fair Sessions to prepare the day before and day of the event. 

How will I hire a student from the virtual job fair?  Positions to be recruited from the virtual job fair will go live on OneUSG Careers August 9th with the scheduled closing date of September 10th.  Once a student is recommended for hire, the Hiring Managers will confirm the student(s) has applied to the department’s advertised job opening on the Careers website.  The department will then follow the standard process of uploading the Student Request to Hire form in OneUSG Careers and will notify Talent Acquisition in the job opening MyHelp ticket.

How to Succeed at Job Fairs

  1. Get Prepared
    • Update your resume.
  2. Research and Apply
  3. Sign up for your Interview
    • Successful candidates will be contacted the week of Jan. 20 to schedule an interview.
  4. Dress for Success
    • First impressions count, think business attire.
  5. Come Prepared
    • Bring copies of your resume, references, and schedule of availability.
    • Bring official proof of identification.
  6. On-site Onboarding
    • HR will assist with background check process and pre-employment requirements.
  7. Follow Up
    • Send ‘thank you’ notes to potential employers and inquire about vacant positions.

Interview Tip of the Month

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One of the most crucial interview tips:
Listen. From the very beginning of the
interview, your interviewer is giving you
information, either directly or indirectly.
If you are not hearing it, you are
missing a major opportunity. Good
communication skills include listening
and letting the person know you heard
what was said. Observe your
interviewer, and match that style and

Resume Tip of the Month

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Choose Appropriate Margins

Typically you should use a one-inch
margin size on all sides of your
resume with single spaces between
the lines. If you have too much white
space, you might consider making
your lines spaced by 1.15 or 1.5. You
can also increase your margins if you
find it is difficult to fill your resume, but
they should stay below two inches.

Last updated: 7/13/2021